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HI! I’m Francis Piche. I’m a software engineering student at McGill University who just likes doing stuff, plain and simple. This site is here to help other students do stuff as much as it’s about showing off my stuff!

For right now, I’m just trying to learn as much as I can, about as much as I can.

My goal is to use what I learn to inspire as many people as I can to get their acts together, so they can get out and do stuff.

How I Found Programming


Growing up, I wanted to know everything.

Every aspect of science got me going, from evolutionary biology to Newtonian mechanics. But there was exactly one exception: I was never interested in computers. They just seemed so incomprehensibly complex, and although I was addicted to my machine, I never cared to know how it worked. 

In the summer of 2017, after completing my freshman year at McGill in Chemistry, I was starting a summer job as a cook as I had done every summer since I was 14. After four days, a workplace accident forced me to take several weeks off. In this time, I decided to get a leg-up on my  intro to programming class by teaching myself some Java. Turns out I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I mean, A LOT  more than I thought I would. So, I did as any sane person would do..

I quit my summer job as a cook and persued Java programming full-time. Within a month, I had learned enough to skip the introductory course entirely.

There it began. I dropped all my upcoming chemistry courses, and enrolled in software engineering!


The Blog


I made the blog to share my experiences as a student in software engineering, in hopes of helping other students as much as possible.

In writing publicly, I find the responsibility of leading by example, which keeps me accountable to my word.

It’s not just about productivity, it’s a matter of self fulfillment.


Hire Me or Work With Me



 I’m always open to new challenges and opportunities!

If you have ideas for a project, want me as a member of your team or for a solo-mission, drop me an email and we’ll see if we can work something out.






The best ways to reach me are via email, facebook, or twitter.

I typically reply within 24 hours. 

My phone number is available once we’ve made contact.